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Von’s Store – Gardena

Mechanically Fastened PVC Roofing System

This approximately 59,000 sq ft includes a large grocer as the anchor as well as other long-term tenants including a major mobile phone retailer and a bank.

The building is wood framed, with plywood sheathing and had an existing built-up asphalt, cap sheet roofing system.

To create a cost-effective, long-term solution, it was determined that the existing roofing system could be left in place and covered with a mechanically fastened, PVC roofing system. Some areas of shingles at the parapets were left in place, as they had considerable remaining service life.

To increase the ease of access to the main roof, a custom aluminum over-wall ladder was installed.

The building now has a maintenance free roof solution with a 20-yr warranty!

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