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Residential Roof Restoration – Los Angeles, CA

Reinforced Acrylic Roof Restoration System

This residence in a historic part of Los Angeles had existing leaks for multiple years. A prior contractor had attempted to repair the leaks but failed miserably.

Because the roof aside from the eve edge was in relatively good condition and the interior ceilings were open beamed, it was determined that the most cost-effective, high-quality solution was to repair the perimeter and restore the roof with a Western Colloid, fabric reinforced acrylic coating system.

The roof at the entire eve edge of the roof, including the prior repairs was removed and disposed of. Major sheathing damage was exposed and repaired and the area was patched with a torch-applied membrane.

After the repairs, the entire roof was pressure washed and coated with 6 gallons of acrylic coating and reinforced with polyester.

The roof looks amazing and has new life!

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