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Commercial Roof Repair – Camarillo, CA

Rehabilition Facility Laundry – Leak Repair

commercial roofing repair project on a laundry facility in Camarillo

This laundry room roof had multiple major leaks when the facility manager called Costa Roofing. The roof was leaking at cracked stucco-to-roof transitions, large cracks in the existing membrane under the gravel surfacing and at exhaust fan platforms set too low on the roof.

commercial roofing repair project in camarillo, ca

Prior to repairing the leaks, the exhaust fan hoods were raised 4” so that the platforms could be properly patched. It was also determined that the stucco had several cracks, so the tile coping was removed and the entire wall was primed prior to the repair work.
The entire roof area was repaired with recovery board and a torch-applied membrane.

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commercial roofing project in Camarillo, CA
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