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PVC Membrane Roofing Systems

overhead drone photo of a pvc membrane commercial roofing project
PVC Membranes are the premier roofing systems for low-slope roofs and have been in use since the 1960s. Ideal for commercial, industrial, manufacturing or multi-family residential properties, PVC roofing systems have life spans in excess of 20-years and PVC is the only roofing system to be considered “maintenance free.”

PVC Membranes can be mechanically fastened, ballasted or adhered in place. Mechanically fastened PVC membranes are free floating between rows of fasteners and are highly flexible. Because of this, PVC membranes are an ideal option for recovering existing built-up roofing systems (pending city approval).

Typical Installation Methods for PVC Membrane

PVC Membranes are Title-24 compliant and highly reflective. In addition, standing water does not degrade PVC membranes, making them the ideal solution for ballasted roofs or roofs with standing water issues that cannot be corrected.

PVC membranes also remain flexible for many years after installation. Because of this flexibility, the roof can be patched easily for many years. This makes PVC the ideal roofing system for shopping centers or any facility with frequent tenant turnover.

pvc membrane roofing systems in redondo beach, ca

Benefits of PVC Membranes

redondo beach commercial roofing project featuring PVC membrane systems
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