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Commercial Roof Repair – Riverside, CA

Medical Facility Storage & Kitchen Roof

The existing roof on this structure was a gravel-surfaced, built-up asphalt roof. The substrate was concrete, and the roof had several leaks with areas of significant rust at the perimeter edge metal.

Upon inspection, it was determined that this roof was beyond its serviceable lifespan.

A SIKA brand PVC membrane was determined to be the best option for installation (Click Here for More Information on the Benefits of PVC). Because there was only one existing layer and the customer was under a time crunch, it was determined that we would leave the existing roofing system in place.

riverside ca commerical kitchen roofing contractor
commerial roofing project in Riverside, CA

To reduce the weight-load on the structure, the existing gravel surfacing was power broomed and vacuumed off of the roof membrane. Then, a primed cover board was adhered to the cleaned asphaltic membrane and the PVC membrane was adhered to the cover board. New custom-fabricated, clad metal edging was installed around the outer-perimeter of the roof.

The customer received a 20-year NDL warranty on the roof.

before picture of a completed commercial roof repair near Riverside, CA
after picture of a completed commercial roof repair near Riverside, CA
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