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Commercial Roof Leak Repairs

before photo of a commercial roof repair project in southern ca
Roof leaks can cause serious interior and structural damage to a building. Not addressing minor leaks can lead to major problems, including dry rot, cracked beams and even mold.

Repairing roof leaks can be the most difficult part of a roofing contractor’s work. While the causes of some leaks can be easy to spot, often water travels horizontally across conduits and structural beams and drips through a ceiling far from its original source. It’s important to have an experienced technician inspect your roof to ensure that leaks are fixed correctly, the first time.

Common Causes of Roof Leaks

A successful roof repair starts with a thorough roof inspection. Unless the exact location of a leak is known, inspecting the interior is necessary to pinpoint the issue. After inspection, a written proposal and photos of the cause of leak will be provided.

after photo of a completed roof repair project on a commercial building near redondo beach

Roof Systems Repaired by Costa Roofing

after photo of an auto body shop roof repair project

Once a repair proposal is approved, Costa Roofing has expertise working with all major roofing systems, to ensure that your roof is repaired right!

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