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Commercial Roof Repair – Camarillo, CA

Senior Facility Executive Office - Leak Repair

commercial roof repair in camarillo, ca

This senior care facility had major leaks in the executive offices when the management team called Costa Roofing. The roof had large areas of ponding water, improperly waterproofed HVAC equipment, cracked stucco-to-roof transitions and several cuts/voids in the existing membrane under the gravel surfacing.

camarillo roof repair for a commercial building

Because of the Covid-19 situation, extreme caution was used to avoid interaction between the crew and residents/staff of the facility and proper PPE was maintained throughout the entire project.

To improve the flow of water on the roof, perlite board was used to build-up the low areas and the entire roof area above the offices was patch with a torch-applied membrane.

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before picture of a commercial roofing project near Camarillo, CA
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