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Commercial Roof Maintenance

The best way to maximize your return on investment is to stretch the lifespan of your existing roofing system. Let us help you design a maintenance plan to increase the usable life of your roof. Discounts available for 5 and 10 year extended service plans.

Our ROOF PROTECT™ roof maintenance program can be fully customized to meet your needs. Roof maintenance is the cost-effective way to extend the life of your roofing system. Roof leaks can cause massive disruption to tenants and create costly interior repairs. We can stop problems before they even happen, saving your business money, time, and hassle.

The Benefits of Commercial Roof Maintenance

Through preventive maintenance, the service life of a roof is increased anywhere from 30% to 100% according to National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and American Institute of Plant Engineers Association for Facilities Engineers (AIPE/AFE). By identifying deficiencies and addressing small concerns before they become major problems, you conserve money and time.

Why Maintain Your Commercial Roof?

Reduce the likelihood of roof leaks and extend the life of your roof with ROOF PROTECT™.
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The first part of our process will be to repair known leaks with torch-applied membranes, mastics or other sealants. Any exposed fasteners or metal seams will be sealed over, and areas with existing blistering will be cut open and sealed over.

Any new rooftop equipment that has been added (or is needed), will be identified and patched. Finally, we will patch areas of parapet walls with sagging or fallen membrane.

overhead drone photogaphy for southern california commercial roofing maintenance
sealant work during a maintenance contract for commerical roofing


Our maintenance stage begins with a thorough removal of all trash and debris from the roofing system. If necessary, we will clean all of the waterways as well.

We will next re-seal all pipes, corners, drains and other penetrations with acrylic mastic or caulking (depending on system type). Finally we’ll coat over areas of degraded cap sheet or ponding water, as necessary.


As your commercial roofing system approaches the end of its useful life, it may qualify for a roof restoration which could extend the life by up to 20 years. Two most common roofing restoration systems:

ACRYLIC – Elastomeric coatings applied approx. 15 to 30 mils thick that form a tough, seamless membrane.

Note: Most 10-year acrylic systems can be re-coated again after 10 years, extending the roofing system by another decade +!

SILICONE – Permanent, seamless membranes that won’t crack or shrink and will stand up to ponding water.

System warranties of 10, 15 and 20 years available.

commercial roofing maintenance project on an apartment complex in southern california