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Commercial Roofing

The premier commercial roof repair and maintenance company in Southern California!

Our Roofing Services

We specialize in commercial roof maintenance and repair programs as well as commercial roof restoration systems with acrylic and silicone roof coatings. We service all of Southern California and have approvals with the premier manufacturers in the roofing industry: Sarnafil; APOC; SIKA; Western Colloid. We also offer residential services for maintenance and repair as well as residential shingle and modified roof replacement systems.

Commercial Roof Maintenance Services

The best way to maximize a return on investment is to extend the lifespan of an existing roofing system. A well-maintained roof will last many years beyond its initial warranty period. Increasing the lifespan of an existing roof and delaying an eventual roof replacement frees up capital that can be directed toward other business-related expenses. Let us help you design a comprehensive maintenance plan to increase the usable life of your roof. Discounts available for 5 and 10-year extended service plans.
redondo beach roof maintenance on a commercial building
leak repair on a commercail roof in southern california
A commercial roof leak can have many causes: natural aging; lack of maintenance and cleaning; tenant improvement work; damage from foot traffic; extreme weather or seismic events. Failing to address a leak can lead to devastating results and potentially major structural or interior damages. Repairing leaks quickly and correctly the first time is the most effective way to minimize overall damage and cost.

Commercial Roof Restoration

Harsh weather and consistent exposure to UV rays can damage the protective top-layer of a commercial roofing system. As this damage progresses a roof will begin to show the effects. The roof may crack, split, peel, or deteriorate in other ways. Even though the top layer of a roofing system may be deteriorated, the entire roofing system may not need to be removed. Acrylic and silicone commercial roof restoration systems can extend the life of your roofing system by up to 20 years.
commercial roof restoration project near redondo beach, ca

Our Roofing Systems

Single-Ply Membranes

Single-ply membranes are a light-weight reflective option for your flat roofing needs. Warranties available of 20+ years with little or no maintenance required.

Steep Slope

Shingle roofing systems are mainly recognized for single-family homes and residential roofing projects, however they’re often used for steep slope commercial roofing and multi-family applications. .

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The team at Costa Roofing would love to speak to you about any of your commercial roofing needs. Please call today to request an assessment of your commercial roofing system. (424) 218-6573.

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